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Dear Brother William,

Praise God from the lake side town of Homa-Bay-Kenya. Thanks a lot for the funds sent into the bank account. We got them on Saturday and we are going to do food purchases today.

I would like to share with you my dear brother what I have never shared with you. First let me thank the Lord for the divine connection through the internet. God led me to your website and my life has completely changed. In your website I came a cross a great man of God Prophet William Branham. I have been reading his teachings almost 9 hours per day ever since we met with you. I had not heard about him before, you also have not talked about him to me. You know what my brother, I saw how empty I was. It has been like I have never known anything about our Lord Jesus Christ. Prophet William Branham has made me know our Lord better. Our relationship with the Lord has improved because of the Prophets teachings. William Branham was God sent and I do believe in his teachings.

 Something strange happened. I got the fire from inside, a new fire burning within me and I really wanted to share to every one about the Prophet. To my amazement I got a very strong opposition I have never met as a church leader in my Christian life. I have been constantly accused of introducing a cult into the body of Christ by other church leaders here. The ministry which licensed me summoned me to the headquarters to explain all what they called a false doctrine. Our Bishop understood since we went to your website with him.

Brother William may I let you know that we lost  over 70% of our church members and it is now when some are coming back after they saw nothing wrong with my teachings drawn from Prophet William Branham. But do you know something. Our moving into Homa-Bay town is a divine direction. We are able to start a new church with new people and with a strong foundation of Prophet William Branham teachings. This church is growing steady and fast and we give God all the glory.

First we got a room  at the Homa-Bay youth Polytechnic and we will not be paying for it until the end of the year. After I did share with the director he allowed us to have a fellowship there without paying up to the end of the year. Please continue praying for TROENS TABERNAKEL HOMA-BAY. My wife Irene and I feel so free here and sometimes the feeling is good it is as if we are about entering the gate of the promised land.

As concerns the orphaned children I just wanted to ask if you could set up an office which could look for individual sponsors for the children who could be able to sponsor them monthly. Around US$ 20 per month per child will be able to give three meals in a day buy books, pens and all school needed supplies, it will also help pay their teachers at school and the care giver in the children's home. It will also help the child have some cloths and help in medical expenses.

 Is it possible for you and your church to find individual families who can sponsor a child, in Norway, Germany, USA etc. I just think that if we get one family supporting one or two children per month then our children will be comfortable. We can send pictures and detailed information about the children, age, class, their hopes, their family background etc. A church sponsored organization which was giving some support withdrew after word went round that I was teaching cult doctrines. But I am sure the Lord will open new doors. God bless you as you continue praying for us.

Brother Harrison


 Dear Brother William,

Your e-mail to us is a source of encouragement. When opposition rise so strong I find joy in my heart. There is still peace of the revealed truth. I visited the Voice of God Recordings in Nairobi. We needed some written materials for very good young men Walter and Peter assisting us in teaching the prophets message to the church and they are also teaching the children in the school and orphans home. They amazed me last night when one of the children they teach drew almost the exact picture of William Branham. I am so blessed to see how children grasp so fast the end time message. We do not have computer except the one I use so we thought it wise to have written materials to help the school church and orphans home.

I did manage to get the following materials from the Voice of God Recordings in Nairobi.







What blessed materials they are. Brother Maina at the Voice of God Recording has promised to bring us more soon.

You know Brother William opposition and great trials have always hit us because we believe the message. The Catholic church project which was assisting us mostly withdrew their support. We have always wondered if we made a wrong decision but there has always been a lot of peace inside despite the trials. We have always wondered why would the Catholic church do all that to the orphaned children. Did we miss it somewhere? But today the Lord gave me a very straight and clear answer as I was reading one of the booklets I did get from the Voice of Recording Nairobi. It is POSSESSING THE GATE OF THE ENEMY AFTER TRIAL. In page 19 verse 148 Brother Branham said "GENUINE LOVE IS CORRECTIVE AND BRINGS YOU BACK TO  GOD"

 It is like light struck me brother William. How can one deny orphaned children clothing, food ,education just because a management has joined "a cult"

Your church in Norway started supporting us even when we did not know any thing about the end time message and the messenger. You actually still do not know who we are but out of love you have supported us.

I bravely approached a catholic priest why his management made such a decision and to my amazement he never mentioned anything to do with the children but said that the message churches talk bad about the catholic faith.

I asked him what their faith says about the needy orphans but he just said that their support to us was over and they will see how to help those children through their local church in future.

Listen to the statements of Brother William Branham from this book in my hand right now. "We are living, as it was in Sodom. The whole system has become polluted, the world system, everything the church system, political system. There is nothing. The systems, everywhere our dictators, it is all corruption. The church has become the same way. Families have become the same way. It is just corruption Sodom"

 For the first time God has opened my eyes to see how the Catholic church here is indirectly controlling the faith of many Pentecostals, charismatic and independent non-denomination churches. They used to send their missionaries to teach their faith to the children but when we understood the message we stop them coming and I do think this did not go well with them.

 Brother William one thing do I know. I found the truth. Nobody can take it a way from me. It has consumed me, I just love it, it is life to me.

 Our children projects the home and school are not good in terms of support but the message is getting in so well to the teachers, cooks, cleaners, care-givers, and the 253 children and wonderful young but steady growing church Troens Tabernakel Homa-Bay. The message is the future and our future is bright.

Our school and children home need support of Ksh 49,000 per month that is about US$ 612.We do not where such a help will come from but our eyes are fixed onto God. We pray to Him to bring sponsors for individual children. My wife and I have refused to trade with the end time message .It is so clear in out hearts right now. We do not know how to deny it or pretend of not knowing Prophet William  Marrion Branham and the end time message. It is just too late to do so. God bless you. Continue to pray for the message to spread speedily in Homa-Bay region. As for the children we are sure He would provide, if He has opened a door for the end time message to them He will surely provide for them every need. In His grace.

Brother Harrison




Willkommen, Welcome, Bienvenue
To the Ministers Meeting  2011
Zavelstein-Bad Teinach - Germany

Between 75 and 80 ministers attended the Ministers Conference that Brother Gerd Rodewald organized. It was blessed and fruitful weekend we had with different ministers from most all of Europe.





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"For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee."




"This gross darkness, I wish to speak on first, that there is so much of that in the world today, and growing darker and darker all the time. Each year, we find that, that the--the world gets darker, spiritually speaking, because they're groping in darkness. There's more sin. Just passing through what we have, the assassination of the President, and so forth, and people being murdered right here in our country. Where we wouldn't think that would happen in the time of modern civilization, but we sure have it, because gross darkness is upon the people. Now, those who will not turn to Light, then there's only one thing I can say for the coming year, you're going to stoop darker and darker as the year goes on..."


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