Men's Meeting

 Sonderborg Denmark 2003




The Men’s Meeting 2003 was launched on October 10-12th, in Sonderborg, Denmark. Bro. Jason Watkins, Bro. Ron Peterson, Bro. Eugene Braun ministered the Word of God in eight services centered on the themes of “Manhood, Principles of Leadership, and a deeper life with Christ.”
“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” (I Korinthians 13:11.)

Again our expectations were on a high level and the Holy Spirit was presence in a very special way among us this weekend. It is hard to describe with words the impact of these meetings but the Lord exceeded even far beyond our expectations. Each service was special and unique and challenging as the Lord guided His servants to minister the true Message of the hour. We can truly say that God met all the needs.

Many went home from this conference with a deep desire to serve God and affect others in their local fellowship and to be a witness for Him in a greater way than ever before.

It is right I feel to do all that we possible can to help and strengthen the men in the day we’re living. These meetings are not aimed to start any kind of “movement.” My only desire is to organize a time for blessings and renewing for men through the focused and challenging ministry that we have in these meetings. The Lord willing we will have another conference in September next year. You will be notified.

I want to especially thank the ministers who came to minister the Word of God in these meetings, men who took time from their busy schedule and gave themselves for the services. And I will not forget the brethren that helped us in so many ways. These types of services often go unnoticed but their help made these meetings a success. May God bless you all richly for coming this time and may you continue to be salt and light in this dark hour and an inspiration for your fellow man.

Brother William R. Reiersen

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"And that's why these conventions are held, and that's the reason that we're all gathered together, because we have things in common to talk about. Course our key note is Jesus Christ the Son of God."

"Hidden Life"

Chicago, 1955