Testimony from bro. Jos de Jong (The Netherlands)

Dear Brother Reiersen,

God cannot steer a vessel that is standing still… So my testimony is that I’m moving now, and the Lord can steer me!

Many greetings to you from Almere - Holland. I really enjoyed the ‘Young Man’s Conference’ last weekend in Seaby - Denmark. We had a good trip with the 11 brothers from Holland and we were richly blessed in this (too short) conference. It was good to have the five fold ministry in our midst. There was a good balance between encouraging and warning in the word. We have to come from a ‘male’ to a man of God! And I am waiting to fit in the robe of Elijah.

Last Tuesday and also on Sunday, different brothers gave their testimony in our church. Every believer could see that we had a good time in Denmark.

May the Lord richly bless you for the work you have done for us!I shall not me moved!

Sincerely yours!

Jos de Jong

Testimony from bro. Edwin Saathof (The Netherlands)

Dear Brother Reiersen,

I would like you to know that the weekend in Denmark was wonderful to me. I
really can see that I came out different. My wife said to me that a nice atmosphere was around me. She also saw that God has doing a great thing.
I heard so much practical things in the different roles we have: as husband, father, colleges (at work). I have much more assurance in handling the Word in my daily life than before.

Thank you for the
organizing and may God bless you in your personal life. Thank you!


Testimony from bro. Egbert Korhorn (The Netherlands)

Dear Brother William,

I will greet
you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I had a wonderful time there and I have learned a lot about our Lord Jesus. Also I found the fellowship with other brothers from other countries very special. It was like we know each other a long time. I had not the feeling that we are different but more the same. And this is true because we are no longer a Dutch man or from Norway or from England, we are all from the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Together we were one in worship. I had really enjoyed it. And I will thank you for organizing this meeting.

The Lord Bless you and all people who helped you.


Testimony from bro. Vitaly (Lithuania)


Greetings in the Name of the Lord!

I have successfully received the set of CDs of Saeby meetings from you.
Thank you very much for sending them.

I feel that I want to say some words about the Young Men's Meetings. Some
time has gone since then, and I wanted my experience to be time-tested. The
Good Seed was planted then, now I feel something stirring inside. Whenever I
think of the Saeby meetings a song comes to my mind, "Change my heart o
God, make it ever true...may it be like You". This was indeed the motto of
that convention. It is still effective in my heart. More than a month
passed, but the touch of the Lord never ceases to call out in my heart since
then. I feel privileged indeed for having been able to take part in this

I wish you abundant God's blessings. There are not so much ministers who
have on their hearts this special pull to help the young brothers in this

Your brother in Christ


Testimony from  a brother in Belgium

Dear bro. Reiersen,

Just a little note to show our appreciation for the convention in Denmark.  It was surely a great blessing and encouragement to be directed by mature and experienced ministers of the Gospel!  The atmosphere of unity and brotherhood was very remarkable and shows that it is truly blessed when brethren dwell together, as the Bible says!

Truly, many questions have been soundly answered by the revealed Word.  There's no answer like God's answer from His Word!  It's so inspiring when the Lord answers to everyone's personal needs.   For many questions and struggles that I've had through the last years, the Lord answered in abundance.... And having heard many others, they can all testify the same.  Now we are home again,  we continue with a more solid conviction to continue more fervently, supporting our pastor and the local ministry here in Ghent.  

Dear brother, thank you so  much for doing what the Lord had put upon your heart!  You will surely see wonderful results of the seeds that are sown.  May the Lord Jesus richly bless and strengthen you in all you will still undertake, be it personally, or in both family and church!

Your brother in Christ


Testimony from bro. Erlend Førsund (Norway)


Dear Brother William
My anticipations prior to this convention were tremendous, and I really felt an urge to go to Denmark to learn more about God and how to serve his kingdom in a greater way. On our way to Denmark we experienced Satans attempts to hinder us from reaching the conference. We had booked a
place on the ferry from Kristiansand (Norway) to Hirtshals (Denmark) and we were the second car to drive into the large ship.


Unfortunately, the ship had to return to the quay only mintues after the departure due to mechanical problems. This resulted in a 6-hour-long wait, during which several
attempts were made to fix the problem. But they couldn't! Eventually, we were allowed to leave the ship. I must admit that I was a bit frustrated ... and disappointed. It seemed like we would never get to Denmark.

To be brief, things turned out to the better. We drove eastward to Larvik and caught the evening boat to Fredrikshavn, a voyage that took all night. Against all odds we also got a cabin, though there were no vacant cabins (we put our names on the list). I believe God made a way for us, so that
we wouldn't be exhausted and tired the following saturday, which would be a sermon-marathon.

We arrived at the conference site one day later than planned, in the morning, before the meetings started. We had only missed the Friday evening session.

The meetings were great! After my experience of receiving the Holy Ghost in July this summer, I have had a greater desire to immerse myself in the Word of God. The issues that were preached over during these sessions in Denmark were both inspiring and practical. I learned a lot about practical things, like spiritual warfare, how to seek Gods will and how to expose Satans agenda.

Meeting other dedicated young men, but also more experienced mature men was very uplifting. I think especially the setting was very right for this conference. Focused on the Word only, reminding me of the scripture in Matthew 24:28; "For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together."

Today I have a greater desire to seek Gods will, and I believe he is preparing me and others for service in the body of Jesus Christ. This is the only thing that matters in life; serving God! Amen.

God bless you


"And, brother, when I get to glory, I want to walk up to Uriah and shake his hands, and say, "God be praised, for your testimony meant something to me in my earthly journey."
I want to walk over to Daniel, and say, "You know, Daniel, when you went in there fearless before those lions, that testimony meant something to me." Yes, sir."

 Everlasting Life

Jeffersonville, 1954